Levenshulme Old Library

The Owl and the Coconut moves Online

The Trustees and staff of Levenshulme Old Library want to express how sad they are that the Nest won’t be re-opening this Autumn.

Well-being, especially mental well-being, is so important in difficult times. Staying mindfully creative a great way to achieve that. It’s been a massive pleasure to have the Owl and the Coconut at the Old Library. We’re also really excited by their plans to focus their Mindful Art activities online. With Gemma, Pam and all the other committed folks at O+C it will be a great success. We will support them however we can.

For those that have come to love the Nest…we’ll take it slowly before deciding how to repurpose the room for the future. It’s become a very special space and we don’t want to lose that unique character. And of course we welcome anyone who has used the Nest and wants to keep meeting at the Old Library. Together we really are stronger.

Best wishes to all at The Owl and the Coconut.

Find out more about their future plans at The Owl and The Coconut, and below is their announcement, made on the 1st September 2020, that they would no longer be operating in the Nest at Levenshulme Old Library:

Sadly The Nest at Levenshulme Old Library won’t be reopening.
O+C we're moving imageBut all The Owl and The Coconut classes and courses will continue! They will be online for now.
We’ve absolutely loved running our wellness space The Nest from the Old Library over the past two years! From Gong Baths to Mindful Art and everything in between it’s been epic!
As the world has changed during the Covid pandemic our needs at The Owl and The Coconut have changed too.
For now we’re moving all our classes and courses online, which means we need a much smaller space. So we are closing The Nest and leaving Levenshulme Old Library.
We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Levenshulme Old Library. And to all of you who have joined us for wellness events at The Nest over the last two years. Thank you to everyone who we have worked with, all The Nest members and partner organisations, it’s been incredible!
Our meditation and mindful art classes and courses start up again online soon! Watch this space! To be first to here about them and keep up with all things Owl and Coconut follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @owlandcoconut or click this link to join our mailing list.
Together let’s create pockets of peace for us all to rest in for a moment!
Big love from us all at The Owl and The Coconut xxx