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We are transforming Levenshulme’s Carnegie Library, on Cromwell Grove. Creating a new arts, community and culture centre for the communities of Levenshulme, Manchester, and the surrounding areas.

We recently commissioned acclaimed music, storytelling, and arts collective Harp and a Monkey to develop an archive of oral histories with local residents about Levenshulme Old Library.

These memories were turned into an animated film celebrating the history of our building – from the days of Andrew Carnegie and the fight against its closure through to the Levenshulme Old Library we have today – and the tenacious community which has made it a home since it opened its doors.

This film was made by Martin Purdy and Simon Jones with music by Harp and a Monkey. It was made possible thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Many thanks to all those who contributed.

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Levenshulme Old Library is a historic Carnegie library building in the heart of Levenshulme, South Manchester.

If you would like to book an event or activity in our building you can find out more information here and get in touch to make a booking or to ask any questions.

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