Levenshulme Old Library

LOL Art Clubs

Each Monday – 7:30pm-9:30pm
The Studio, Levenshulme Old Library M19 3QE

This summer we’re launching not one but FOUR brand new art clubs in our Studio space.

Starting this August, the LOL Art Clubs are intended to put our community space to good work for the local artist community here in Levenshulme.

We’ll be running the following weekly sessions

  • Collage Club – first Monday of the month
    Come down and create a collage, using photos, magazines, postcards and, well, pretty much anything to express yourself. Run by Katie AKA LocalHotelParking, a local artist whose studio is in the Old Library building and whose incredible collage work will be familiar to regular customers at Levenshulme Market and beyond.

  • Crotchet Club – second Monday of the month
  • Join Sophie Benson to learn about crochet and clothing repairs. Bring along your knitting, embroidery, dressmaking, macrame, cat’s cradle or anything else fabric-related for a stitch’n’ditch (the fast fashion) experience.

  • Zine Club – third Monday of the month
  • A zine is a DIY book, designed, created and bound by its maker and usually produced in small batches, giving people the means of producing a publication dedicated to their passion. These sessions are run by our very own Levy zinesters Hette and Adam from Let’s Make Zines. Come and learn techniques for repurposing paper into a range of sketchbooks and booklets, and expect to be challenged to fill them!.

  • Art Club – fourth Monday of the month
    Hosted by a range of facilitators, come down for these sessions to talk about art, debate or learn about an element of art or art history, or a practical topic such as preparing for art markets. Bring among your own expertise and share with the group!

Everyone is welcome to attend – whether you’re a total novice or a professional artist, come down to Levenshulme Old Library for some top notch community creativity.

Our first session will take place at 7:30pm on Monday 3rd August.