Levenshulme Old Library

Unfolding LOL – Competition!

We’re working with Manchester School of Architecture to bring local young people Unfolding LOL.

We’re in the early stages of thinking about our building and the changes we could make to it in order to help it better serve our community in the future.

So we’re asking young people to reimagine the future of Levenshulme Old Library. We want children aged 8-16 to unleash their creativity to envision what their local community arts centre might look like in the future.

We want to see your vision for how we will evolve our building to serve and inspire future generations. What can we change or add to our building to make it better for our community?

Please submit an A4 or A3 piece of work that shows your ideas for Levenshulme Old Library. This can include:

  • Drawings or sketches
  • Photographs of models or craftwork
  • Collage
  • Writing

We are looking for something innovative and exciting that shows how YOU think we can improve our building to suit your community!

The deadline for entries is Friday 10th May. The winning entry will receive a prize.

Email your entries to msalive_group7@outlook.com using the file format surname_initial(s)_unfoldingLOL for your attachments.