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Ghosts at the Old Library: Six Ghost Stories for Christmas

Six brand new ghost stories for Christmas, published as Christmas cards is now available.

Ghosts at the Old Library: Six Ghost Stories for Christmas.

Get into the spirit of the season with this limited edition Ghosts at the Old Library Christmas Card Set, featuring six ghost stories created by some of the North West’s finest writers.

🎄 What’s Inside:

• The Gift by Marie Crook: Orchestrating a fraudulent séance, Ellen fabricates messages of solace to provide her neighbours with hope. However, when a stranger enters the building, the past threatens to intrude on the present.

• Advent by Gaynor Jones: As Christmas approaches, Chloe buys her mother an antique mirror, but finds it appears to hold a power, one which Chloe is drawn to.

• Magic Eye by Jo Howard: A trainee teacher strives to connect with a mute refugee with a mysterious past. Bonding over a magic eye book, they discover an they may share more history than meets the eye.

• Gratitude by Lauren O’Donoghue: Struggling with grief, a young woman finds mysterious offerings of soil materialising in her home.

• The Continuum by Nicholas Royle: When a cryptic message from an old acquaintance reignites forgotten connections, Nick finds himself drawn into the life Mark, a former classmate who he doesn’t recall. But is their shared past truly over?

• The Loop by Dyani Sheppard: While jogging on a footpath which was once an isolated former railway line, Helen discovers an eerie harmony lies beneath the cadence of her steps.

💌 Each Set Features:

Six captivating ghost stories printed individually.
A presentation box to keep this collection safe and ready for sharing.

Live in Levenshulme and want to buy a copy without paying for P&P? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

🎄 What is the Old Library?

Ghosts at the Old Library is published by Levenshulme Old Library with the support of Arts Council England.

In the winter of 2023, we commissioned a series of brand new ghost stories from six writers, each of which took its inspiration from a local landmark in Levenshulme, South Manchester. We staged a number of immersive reading events in our historic former library building and produced audio recordings for broadcast on ALLFM over the Christmas period.

Ghost stories at Christmas have long been an oral storytelling tradition, from tales told around the winter fire through to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. This moved into the TV era with A Ghost Story for Christmas, a series of late night television films broadcast on the BBC which continue to this day.