Levenshulme Old Library




Main space


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Blether is a cabaret event for performance of all varieties – poetry, comedy, music, drag, dance and everything in between.

Paint your faces, whack on your braces, stuff Party Rings into your pockets, eat jelly for ur tea. Blether 6: Nooks and Crannies is here – FRIDAY 19 MAY!

Our next performance event is a night under the stairs, den-wrapped, encased in new stories and old blankets. We’re taking you back to new-toy-energy and days of unlimited potential spent in wee corners and faraway lands.

Like that heaving toy box in your attic, childhood is bursting with clashing things – bright and dull, soft and sharp, hungry and full. We’re intrigued by how memory can make us see these things in black and white, painting shapes in our minds of goodies and baddies.

We want to revel in the beauty and magic of those simple, undiluted instincts. Nostalgia can be a glorious treat that makes us silly n playful, and that’s what this night will be all about !

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