Levenshulme Old Library

Active Wellness

We’re very pleased to announce that Levenshulme Old Library has been awarded funding from We Love MCR and Sport England to pilot Active Wellness, a programme of accessible fitness and wellness activities aimed at addressing some of the health inequalities in the community.

South Asian communities experience England’s worst health outcomes. The reasons for this are numerous and complex, but feedback we’ve received in the past is that these communities often perceive activities like keep-fit, running and cycling as being not ‘for them’.

For the next few months we’ll be working with Chapel Street Primary School and Alma Park Primary School to provide parents from South Asian families with free weekly sessions focused on informal and accessible physical exercise.

Our hope is that this approach will enhance physical and mental well-being for those involved, but also help create a healthier, happier and more connected Levenshulme.

We’re also keen to hear from potential community partners who are interested in getting involved with Active Wellness If you run a local club or organisation which specialises in running, football, cycling or any other physical activity and would like to support more people in the community, please do get in touch.

We’re enormously grateful to both We Love MCR and Sport England for their investment in Levenshulme Old Library and our community.