Levenshulme Old Library

LOL WOMEN – Exhibition

Earlier this year Levenshulme Old Library staged an art workshop for International Women’s Day 2022 in collaboration with Creative City.

Those who attended made some fantastic artwork and we’re excited to present this and other work at our LOL WOMEN exhibition on 21st May. the exhibition will be held 1pm-4pm on Saturday 21st May.

However, we also want to give our local women a chance to submit more work, for a diverse representation of what it means to Levenshulme women to BE women.

2D artworks are best (3D work can be submitted for the exhibition but won’t be able to remain on display thereafter, due to groups using the space), and we can accommodate most sizes.

We ask all contributors to please try to keep their work as family-friendly as possible so that our exhibition is suitable for all members of the community.

Work will need to be printed/framed/mounted ready for hanging and, if you wish, can be made available for sale via Levenshulme Old Library for 30% commission.

To get involved or if you have any queries please email laura@levenshulmeoldlibrary.org.uk