Seeking a Caretaker/Cleaner at Levenshulme Old Library

No further applications required, thank you

We’re expanding our team here at the Old Library Building. See below for a full job description.

If you’re interested  please email your CV to or post it, to arrive by August 8th 2018, to Phil Murphy at:

Levenshulme Old Library, Cromwell Grove, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3QE.

Caretaker/cleaner for Levenshulme Old Library

£10 per hour self employed for an initial trial period of 3 months, with option to extend.

Initially 10 hours per week, including morning, daytime, evening & weekend work (negotiable).

JOB TITLE: Caretaker/cleaner

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Building Operations Manager & Trustees of LOLCIO

OBJECTIVE: To assist in the smooth, effective & efficient running of the building and all associated services. To actively promote the interests of Levenshulme Old Library at all times.


  1. General cleaning including:
    1. Cleaning of shared areas, kitchen and toilets,
    2. Ensuring bins and other services are kept tidy and functional,
    3. Ensure building remains tidy and furniture/ equipment appropriately stored after use,
    4. Monitor stocks of cleaning supplies and other consumables.
  1. Caretaking including:
    1. Regular inspection of the interior & exterior of the building for general cleanliness or faults,
    2. Weekly check for defects & malfunctioning equipment to the interior and exterior,
    3. Receive and pass on any reports of health and safety concerns, breakages or faults,
    4. Make good any defects where appropriate or report so that repairs can be arranged.
  1. Keyholding, security and day to day operation of the building including:
    1. Being a building keyholder in liaison with permanent users (e.g. AllFM and Owl and Coconut) or those hiring the shared space,
    2. Assist in maintaining the security of the premises (e.g. checking windows are being closed or doors locked at the end of the day or after lettings),
    3. On call (with others) in case of break-ins or the alarm being triggered. Correct alarm procedure must be adhered to at all times,
    4. Assist in the preparation and dismantling between functions within the shared space, from small meetings to larger events, which could involve up to 100 chairs. The post requires manual handling which will involve lifting/moving/setting up/packing away of furniture,
    5. Ensuring Health & Safety, lettings and licensing requirements are adhered to and reporting any breaches,
    6. Operation of emergency procedures & building services (e.g. fire alarm, emergency lighting & heating system),
    7. Deal with any other matter which would facilitate the smooth running of the building as may reasonably be required.


Whilst we feel the role may suit someone recently retired or with part-time or childcare commitments we welcome all applications. We believe the following are important in selecting the right person for this role:

  • Proactive and conscientious, and able to fulfil the core requirements of the role: Essential.
  • Friendly and approachable, and embracing our commitment to equal opportunities: Essential.
  • Able to attend training or complete any Health & Safety requirements for the role; Essential.
  • Local, and available to be on call in case of emergency or to fulfil keyholding duties: Desirable.
  • Experience of caretaking or cleaning duties in a community building: Desirable.
  • Experience of undertaking minor repairs and/or decorating work: Desirable.


  • As a new role it is proposed that this post is initially up to 10 hours per week at a rate of £10 per hour self employed, claimable on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Payment will be by online banking.
  • Essential working expenses can be claimed, and where required a petty cash float of up to £100 be provided to facilitate activity on behalf of LOLCIO.
  • Total working expenses not to exceed 10% of work claimed.


  • Supervision will be provided primarily by Phil Murphy (building operations Manager), with the support of up to 2 LOLCIO Trustees.
  • You may be working alongside volunteers, in liaison with our volunteer coordinator.
  • The trial period of 3 months will be used to define the longer term role, including additional (or reduced) duties, with the option to go onto PAYE by mutual agreement.
  • LOLCIO and the post holder will have the right to terminate the arrangement with two weeks notice during the trial period. After the trial period this will be one month
  • Reporting (time management) will be by completing timesheets/activity reports, in a format agreed with the supervising trustees.
  • Pension, National Insurance, holiday and other benefits are not payable for a self employed role.